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The steps of your swimming pool don’t ever get dry; we know that is an obvious statement. They are continually submerged and they may not get as much attention as they should by a DIYer pool maintenance person and that can lead to algae growth. We have 3 tips for cleaning pool steps that will help ensure they are clean and won’t lead to any water chemistry imbalances.

ACC Pool contractors and the best pool service in Menifee, California maintenance professionals explain that the steps should get cleaned every time you clean the pool. When they pay a service visit they do brush and clean them thoroughly.

3 steps for cleaning pool steps

Pool steps see a lot of traffic and you need to keep them as safe as possible, here’s how

  1. Dirt and bacteria could grow there and make the steps slippery. Prevent this by brushing them thoroughly and frequently. Make sure all dirt is removed and vacuumed away.
  2. Don’t just brush your pool or the steps with any brush you find. The pool needs to be cleaned with a tool suited to its building material. You certainly don’t want to use a brush meant for a gunite pool on a vinyl liner or you will probably puncture the liner.
  3. If it’s been a while since you have tackled the steps you may need to apply a pool cleaner to a sponge then directly to the steps to remove any slippery, slimy bacteria build-up.

No matter if you’re a DIYer with pool maintenance or if you hire a swimming pool service professional in Menifee, California, make certain the steps are thoroughly cleaned. You can ask us, if you’re curious, if we have cleaned them (we bet the answer is yes)

Every nook and cranny of your pool needs to be cleaned and cleaned thoroughly and regularly.