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Swimming pools are fun. There is no doubt about that the swimming pool contractors at the best pool service in Menifee, California explain but also offer tips on how to choose a pool safety cover. There are more than one type of pool cover.

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  3. Safety

When you have a swimming pool there will be various rules and regulations you will need to adhere to — many based on local regulations. One of the safety measures you will need to look into will involve a pool safety fence and a pool cover. You can invest in a pool cover that will help keep dirt and debris out or you can invest in a pool safety cover. This type of cover can hold the weight of a small child or dog and could potentially save a life.

The decision to become a pool owner means you accepted the responsibility that comes with it to keep everyone safe. Prior to installing your swimming pool, your children should be taught basic pool safety and should be taught that under no circumstance are they allowed to swim without the presence of a responsible adult. We don’t recommend that adults swim alone, either.

Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, you need to have safety devices in place. In fact, municipalities have zoning and code laws in place that require either fencing, pool safety alarms or both. Layers of protection help ensure there are no tragedies.

How to choose a pool safety cover

Swimming pool covers keep thee pool or spa free from airborne contaminants. They also seal and protect it from winter elements and provide a protective barrier to prevent children or pets from falling into the water. If you’re looking for that protective safety barrier, then you will want to talk with us about a pool safety cover.

Pool owners can opt to put on and take off the pool cover manually, but we find that because those covers are not easy to put on and take off that they get removed and rarely get put back on. We get it! That’s why we recommend an electronic cover remover that operates by a motor on tracks that run parallel to the swimming pool.

To provide maximum safety, your swimming pool should be surrounded by a fence with a self-locking gate. The fence should be at least four feet high, unable to be climbed by a child or squeezed through by a child or a pet. Follow the guidelines in your particular area of the country. Give us a call if you want to gain an understanding of the rules where you live.

Remember you can choose a fence that adds ambiance to your swimming area rather than detract from the aesthetic appeal. A decorative and functional fence that completely surrounds the pool is ideal.

Give us a call if you’re looking for ways to protect everyone around your pool.