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It’s time to replace the swimming pool pump. How will you know which pump to buy? Give the best pool service contractors in Menifee, CA at ACC Pools a call. We can come and inspect the pool equipment and give you some insight into the 4 reasons to upgrade the swimming pool pump because the money you spend to upgrade could save you money over the long-term of your pool operation and ownership.

If you are a DIY pool maintenance pool owner, but aren’t sure if your pool pump is working at well as it should, give us a call and we can come and inspect it, and let you know whether it’s time to replace, upgrade or repair.

4 reasons to upgrade the swimming pool pump

  1. Newer technology in swimming pool pumps makes them better able to filter the swimming pool water. Newer equipment brings better performance and that leads to savings for you. With a new pump, you can operate on shorter running times and still achieve top filtration. New pump models also use less energy and that means money saving. Some pool owners find that when they’ve made a switch to a new pool pump they reap up to 90% savings in energy costs from the old pump.
  2. We know that a new swimming pool pump provides higher efficiency at higher power but at a lower energy cost. They operate better, faster, and are quieter. Choose a variable speed pump that operates at different speeds depending on the task at hand and that leads to greater efficiency.
  3. The old swimming pool pump system doesn’t use newer technologies that are available today. It takes your old pump longer to perform the same task that a new pump can. Today’s new pumps are designed to better utilize technology and power and operate at peak levels.
  4. Depending on how long you have been using the current pump, you may need to replace it and can rest assured a new pump will have a longer useful life than your current pump did. Older pumps don’t offer the same security of longevity that the newer models do.

Give us a call and let us look at your pool and its equipment and help you enjoy your pool at an even lower cost!