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There are so many options when you’re looking at accessories for your California swimming pool. Some pool accessories are must-haves and others are would-be-nice to haves then there are 5 accessories pool owners need that the best pool service contractors in Menifee, CA explain. Swimming pools mean fun times with friends and family — they also mean work and upkeep and maintenance.

Take heart, though the fun outweighs the work by a longshot! This is especially true if you work with an experienced pool service contractor to keep the pool water clean and the pool equipment functioning at its peak.

While this list is not exhaustive, and it is subjective, here are some accessories to consider when you pay a visit to your local pool supply shop.

5 Accessories Pool Owners Need

  • When it comes to must-haves a water test kit is right at the top. Even if you work with a pool service contractor, it still makes sense for you to have a water test kit and to test the water chemistry between service visits. There are a myriad of reasons something could go wrong and upset the chemistry balance and if you have a test kit you can notice the changes and give us a call or address the changes before they get too out of balance.
  • Another must-have is a pool skimmer. Skimming out debris, especially if you don’t put the cover on between swim sessions. Grab the skimmer, scoop out the debris, toss it over the side and voila — you’re helping keep the pool water cleaner, longer. Your children can even be given the task of using the skimmer if they see something floating.
  • A pool vacuum is a must-have, but a robotic or an automatic vacuum are nice-to-haves. Whether you do your own pool maintenance or have hired a pool contractor it’s always good to have your own vacuum set up. Ask us about a robotic or an automatic pool cleaner as a way to be hands-off with pool vacuuming — they are amazing pieces of technology.
  • Some people think a pool cover is a nice to have, we think it is a must have. A pool cover can help slow the rate of evaporation, keep children from falling in — if you have a safety cover and keeps the pool water cleaner longer.
  • Pool water heaters are ideal for those pool owners who live in areas of the country that the swim season is short because the weather just isn’t warm.

If you’re looking for more accessories to get the most fun out of your pool or to help with cleaning and maintenance, give us a call today!