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Best pool service in Menifee, California pool contractors explain that owning a swimming pool, no matter where you live, is a dream come true — but especially in sunny California! Pools are great fun but they are also great responsibility and take work. We have a list of 5 basic swimming pool care tasks that pool owners themselves can undertake or they can hire a pool service firm like A Clear Choice Pool & Spa Service to do for them, or a combination of the two.

Pool upkeep will keep the water always clean and swimmable, prevent algae growth and assure your swimmers are safe when they’re in the wtaer. Properly maintained pool water will also help assure anyone who uses the pool won’t suffer red eyes or dry, itchy skin.

5 basic swimming pool care tasks

The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa offer insight into these basic pool maintenance an dcare tasks that they perform for their customers or you cn take on yourself.

  1. Check the pool water chemistry. This is done by your pool contractor during service visits, but can be and probably should be done by you between service visits. You can buy a water test kit from us and we can explain what the readings on the test strips mean. You can also bring the water into us and we will test it for you. Water chemistry can quickly get out of balance — from a bigger swimmer load or a rain fall or other factors, but checking the water frequently will help avoid bacteria or algae growth.
  2. Don’t add pool chemicals during the day. It’s true that your pool contractor won’t be cleaning your pool after the sun goes down, but it is best to add pool chemicals after the sun has gone down. When you add them during the day, they can evaporate in the heat of the sun and you won’t be able to use the pool until the pump has circulated the water and the chemicals throughout.
  3. Run the pool pump. This is as simple as flipping a switch or having a programmable pump feature. Ask us how many hours a day the pump needs to be run — it varies based on the size of the pool and the size of the pump. You are typically looking at running the pool pump for ten hours, or more, a day. Run the pump at night when the electricity is less expensive.
  4. Brush the entire pool. The walls, floor and behind the steps and around any in pool accessories need to be thoroughly brushed to loosen any bacteria or algae spores. Brushing the pool thoroughly will also help prevent calcium build up. Once the pool has been brushed, you need to thoroughly vacuum it.
  5. Regularly inspect the pool pump and equipment. Your pool contractor will inspect the pool equipment, plumbing and electrical. He will also assure the pump pressure is where it should be. (The pump pressure is typically written on the pump and you can check to see if the pressure is where it belongs). This inspection gives your pool contractor — and you — insight into how everything is working and whether there needs to be any repairs or upgrades.

This is a short list of the many items that are involved in pool maintenance and upkeep. Give us a call to discuss other tasks that we perform on your behalf.