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The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa Service in Menifee, California explain there are 5 ways to keep your pool clean — at a minimum. Here are the five items:

  1. Water circulation
  2. Water filtration
  3. Water testing
  4. Pool cleaning
  5. Water chemistry

When your pool contractor pays a service visit, these five items are at the top of his list and these are the items he will inspect, test and check to assure everything is operating at its peak in your family swimming pool

5 ways to keep your pool clean

The water circulation means that your pool equipment is operating well enough to filter and “turn over” every gallon of water in the pool at least once per day. The circulation will remove “dead spots” in the pool — these typically occur in areas behind pool steps and in the deep end of the pool where cleaning may not be as thorough and where bacteria can accumulate. The better the pool’s water circulation, the better and cleaner your pool water will be. Your pool contractor may recommend that your pool water is completed turned over three times per day — ask us how many hours a day this means you will need to run the pool pump to make this occur. We will perform the calculation and let you know.

The water filtration occurs when the water is circulated through the pool filter. The filter will remove the dirt, bacteria and debris from the water that has been pumped into it. A cartridge pool filter will remove small particles, a DE filter will remove the smallest of particles. Know what kind of filter you have and its benefits and drawbacks as compared to other types of filters.

We will clean and service the filter and depending on the type of filter you have, the sand will be changed, the DE will be changed and the pool will be backwashed on occasion.

 Pool cleaning is crucial to bacteria-free and crystal clear swimming pool water. If the pool is not thoroughly cleaned, algae and bacteria will grow and turn the water cloudy and/or green. At least once a week we will brush the pool walls and floor and then vacuum up any and all debris that has been loosened. Even with good pool circulation, a thorough brushing and vacuuming of your pool is necessary to keep it clean.

Pool water testing is crucial to assure the water in the pool is chemically balanced. The water should be tested at least twice a week. We will test it during a pool service visit and you will want to invest in your own water test kit and test it between service visits. If the chemicals are out of balance, algae can take hold and anyone who uses the pool can experience dry skin, itchy eyes and redness. You can avoid these skin issues by assuring the pool chemicals are always in line. You will also protect the pool and its equipment by having the chemicals properly balanced.

Many pool owners find they spend less money having a pool contractor test the pool chemistry and add chemicals — it is a delicate balancing act.

 Pool water chemistry balancing once the water has been tested, it will be balanced in these ways:

  1. The sanitizer will be added
  2. The pool will need to be shocked at least every two weeks to break up undissolved solids
  3. Algaecide will be added to prevent algae growth
  4. Good water balance assures the chemicals in the pool interact correctly with one another and that the pool water will remain bacteria free

If you have any questions about how to keep your swimming pool clean, the equipment operational and the water chemistry in line, give us a call and we can perform a test and give you an estimate for service.