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Have you ever considered having a pool party in the autumn or even the winter? Sure, in Menifee, California we don’t deal with too much winter — not like they do in the northeast and other cold, snowy areas of the country. But if you’re accustomed to warm, balmy days a cold snap may have you closing the pool and heading indoors. We have 5 ways to throw an autumn swimming pool party — even if you don’t swim!

The service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa Service have tips to host an enjoyable swimming pool party even during the off season.

5 ways to throw an autumn swimming pool party

  1. If you want to swim in the off season, invest in a swimming pool heater. We can help you choose the best type heater for your unique pool that will keep the water temperature swimmable. You may not be swimming in bathwater temps, but you will be able to swim without your teeth chattering!
  2. A hot tub is the ideal place to host a “swimming pool party” in the cooler months. If you have a hot tub, invite your guests to bring their bathing suits and taking a dip. Have a heated towel rack to keep the towels toasty warm or toss them in the dryer and offer them warm to your guests. You may even want to up your hostess game and offer heated warm robes!
  3. Let your guests know this will be an outdoor party. If you’re going to have space heaters or if you will be firing up the fire pit or other fire feature, let them know that as well. Have warm blankets and mittens and hats available for those guests who forget theirs or don’t dress warm enough.
  4. What’s on the menu? Warm, comforting foods, of course. Have soups, warm cider, coffee and serve pizza or chili or even lasagna. If you still want to fire up the grill, do that and offer guests grilled foods as they may not have it again until next summer.
  5. Don’t forget to have shower shoes or other footwear for your guests to wear to and from the hot tub or swimming pool, especially if it’s snowy where you are.

Have you ever considered throwing an autumn or winter swimming pool party? If not, let this be the year you change that!