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Many areas of the country have been experiencing hotter than normal temperatures this summer. Spending time in the swimming pool is an ideal way to cool off and beat the heat. What happens, though when you want to relax poolside? A misting unit elevates your swimming pool and helps you cool off even when you’re not swimming.

The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool Service in Menifee, California explain that the misting units are like those you encounter when you shop at an outdoor shopping center. They provide a cooling mist without a feeling that you and your clothing are getting wet. The misting units also keep the space under them cool so you can benefit from their water power without being under the mist itself.

When you consider that you spend more time around the pool than you may in the pool, a misting unit makes sense, right? Misting fans and misting units can lower the surrounding temperature area by as much as 30 degrees.

 A misting unit elevates your swimming pool

If you think you want a misting unit for your pool side space, give us a call. Here, though are a few things to think about before we come out to give you an estimate.

  1. Look for a misting unit that has a misting fan attached. The misting fan allows you to direct the mist and the breeze to a particular location.
  2. If you want the unit mounted in a way that it is inconspicuous, let us know.
  3. Determine how many hours a day you might want to mist the area then look for a misting unit that has a water reservoir large enough to accommodate that.
  4. Ask what options are available with the misting unit you’re looking at. Some have oscillating fans, telescoping features that allow for height adjustment and mist direction.

A misting unit just might help you spend more enjoyable hours around the pool rather than heading into the house and into the air conditioning. After all, wouldn’t you rather be outside around your beautiful pool?