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The benefits of preventative pool maintenance cannot be stressed strongly enough by the swimming pool service contractors from Best Pool Service pros in Menifee, CA. Swimming pools and swimming pool water requires almost daily care and attention in order to keep the water bacteria-free and always swimmable.

Whether you’re a new swimming pool owner or a long-time pool owner, the myriad choices for swimming pool chemicals and swimming pool tasks and when they need to be completed can be overwhelming. Trying to decide what to buy, where to store it and how to use it, and when can be mind boggling! Because of that, many pool owners — new and long-term — leave pool maintenance up to the swimming pool pros and service contractors.

Benefits of preventative pool maintenance

When you’re a first-time pool owner you may feel the investment in a swimming pool preventative maintenance program with a pool contractor is expensive. Many first time pool owners find, though that when they factor in the price of buying the chemicals, the mistakes made when adding chemicals and the time it takes to care for the pool — it is more cost efficient to leave the pool maintenance to the professionals.

A major benefit of hiring a swimming pool contractor to care for the pool is that he is diligent in the water care. He will be on a set schedule to come to your home to care for your pool and it won’t get neglected. If you’re a pool owner with limited time and if you’re not accustomed to caring for a pool it’s easy to let maintenance slide — until it’s too late and the pool water is brackish.  Also, if you don’t understand the care of pool water, you may find your’e adding too much of one chemical, then needing to add more water then having to add another chemical… it can be a costly and time-consuming task.

Performing testing and balancing is a delicate art for which your pool pro has been trained.

Here are basics of pool maintenance that a pool contractor can perform for you, or that you will have to perform yourself.

  • Testing the water with a test kit
  • Checking, balancing and adding sanitizer
  • Adding chlorine shock to destroy contaminants.
  • Adding enzyme formulas to  remove organic build up.
  • Skimming (this should be done by you daily — or more than once a day)
  • Brushing the entire pool — walls, floor, stairs
  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Cleaning the filters
  • Backwashing the pool filters
  • Emergency service – for an emergency cleaning and service visit
  • If the swimming pool develops cloudy water or other issues, your swimming pool service pro will be on hand to address the issue and bring the water back into balance so you and your family can get back to swimming. Most pool owners who work with a pool contractor find they never have to face cloudy water or other water cleanliness issues
  • Routine preventative maintenance such as filter cleaning, calcium removal & treatments and o-ring lubrication.
  • Opening and closing of the swimming pool
  • Inspection of the pool equipment to assure it’s all working correctly
  • Monitoring the pool pump pressure levels

Pool owners find when it comes to pool ownership, they prefer the idea of being able to jump in and enjoy the water rather than having to worry about whether the chemicals are in balance. If you have limited free time, wouldn’t you rather swim than clean the pool? Give us a call if you’re ready to hand the pool cleaning and maintenance over to a pro.