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When you have an in ground swimming pool the deck can be constructed of various materials or you can use the ground as you “deck.” If you have an above ground swimming pool you may wonder, “can you have a deck with an above ground pool”? The answer is, “yes.”

There is no reason you cannot have a raised deck to surround your above ground pool. The deck will also become part of the “landscape” of the pool. Work with swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa to have a deck constructed for your above ground pool. When you think about it, you will probably spend more time around the pool than in it and a deck is a great place to kick back and relax and enjoy the beauty of your pool.

Can you have a deck with an above ground pool?

A deck that wraps around the pool will enclose the pool walls and both act as a protective barrier to the pool walls and help it blend into the landscape.

What should you think about with your above ground pool deck?

  1. What is the height of the pool? You don’t want to be visible you may be to the neighbors and be looking into their backyard when you’re on your deck, right? You don’t want to be the focal point of the neighbor’s view.
  2. Will the deck serve as ingress and egress to the pool?
  3. Do you want the deck to be large enough to accommodate an area for entertaining?
  4. What kind of material do you want the deck constructed from? Wood is the most popular choice for pool decks. There are practical reasons it might not be the best choice because the constant splashes of water treated with pool chemicals take its toll. The wood used needs to be pressure treated and painted or stained  to protect it. It will need to be treated regularly. Alternative choices for your pool deck could be plastic or a composite lumber mix. Both of these materials can withstand chemical treated water, can blend in with the landscape and look great for the long term.
  5. Consider a tiered deck system with exotic wood, built in benches and planters or even a gazebo.

Talk with us when we are there for the next pool maintenance and service visit and let’s talk about a deck for your above ground pool.