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 There’s nothing better than a quick dip, or a long swim. Don’t miss out on swim time this summer because you forgot to clean the pool or test the water chemistry. There is nothing worse than dashing out to the pool only to find the water is cloudy, algae-filled or just unswimmable! 

When you live in California, swimming is something you look forward to and you have many months of the year that you can do just that! The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pools in Menifee, California work to assure that when you want to swim, that your pool is ready for you!

Don’t miss out on swim time this summer

Keeping the pool water clean, clear and always swimmable is something that your pool service contractor will do on your behalf. Sure, you can clean and maintain your swimming pool yourself, but what if life gets in the way and you forget for a day or two? You could certainly be faced with cloudy water that may not be safe enough to swim in.

Even a day or two of missed maintenance and water chemistry testing, under the hot California sun, and with a pool cover in place can lead to bacteria and algae taking hold. When that happens, you are looking at a long time of not being able to use the pool.

Don’t let your free time be dominated by pool clean up when all you really want to do is swim. Here is what an experienced swimming pool service contractor will do for you and yoru pool.

  1. Skim it. Skimming clears bugs and debris from the water. This is something you will want to do between service cleanings, unless you use a pool cover. Skimming only takes a few minutes.
  2. Brush it. Your pool contractor will use the proper brush for your pool type and will brush the walls, floor and around and behind the pool steps or stairs. Brushing will loosen any grime and bacteria to get it out of the water.
  3. Vacuum it. Once the pool has been brushed, it will be vacuumed to remove the loosened debris.
  4. Dump it. He will remove the skimmer and pool pump basket and clean it of any dirt or debris.
  5. Filter it. Your pool contractor will check the pool filter to assure it’s working as it should. He will also check the pressure of the pool pump and make note of it to assure it’s working correctly.
  6.  Test it. Your pool contractor will test the water chemistry and add the necessary chemicals. You may want to invest in a water test kit and ask him for instructions on reading the levels. It’s wise to know what’s going on in your pool water and to notice any changes so you can call us and we can help address it.

Many pool owners find they spend more money when they clean and maintain the pool on their own because they are continually adjusting and readjusting the water chemicals to get the chemistry back in line. If this is the case for you, give us a call and let’s set up a time for us to give you an estimate on pool cleaning and maintenance.