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swimming pool cleaning Swimming pool owners, whether they’re new to pool or hot tub ownership, or whether they’ve had one for years know that foaming water is not a “business as usual” situation. The Best Pool Service contractors in Menifee, California work with pool owners to rid the water of this issue if it arises. It can be a simple fix, but in some cases it might take a little more know-how than the average pool owner is equipped with or wants to deal with.

Foaming water isn’t all that common and you may see foamy water – especially in your hot tub or spa  – where there is a larger proportion of bathers in a small volume of water. Foamy water can occur in your pool water as well, although it is a much less likely occurrence.  The usual cause of excessive foaming could be because of soft water, or low calcium hardness in your water supply. It could also be caused by algaecides, or even from high total dissolved solids caused by shampoos, body creams or moisturizers. When your Menifee, California swimming pool service provider comes out to address the issue, he will be able to tell you the cause and that will help you prevent it from happening in the future.

“Defoamers” are available for purchase at a local pool dealer or through several online sources. Make certain, before you take the step of de-foaming, that you balance the water because adding additional chemicals to the pool doesn’t always address the root cause. It may come to the point ultimately that you will need to drain and change the water, but take small steps to address the issue before you take drastic measures.