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swimming pool leaksIs your mind playing tricks on you or is your swimming pool water level getting lower every day? Swimming pool service contractors in Menifee, California understand that i this is your first year as a pool owner, you may not realize how fast the water evaporates (or gets pushed over the edges when the family is frolicking in the water!) You may think it’s a leak rather than simple evaporation but how can you tell?

A simple test of evaporation is to grab a bucket and fit it about halfway with water and mark the waterline with a pen (in the pool AND in the bucket). Set the bucket next to the pool, turn off the pool pump for a couple of days and keep swimmers out of the water.

Come back in a couple of days and compare the water level in the pool to the water level of the bucket. If the difference between the waterline in the pool and the bucket is similar, the cause of water loss in the pool is evaporation and nothing to lose any sleep over.

If you notice that the pool water has dropped a discernible amount compared to the water in the bucket, you should contact the pool service professionals at A Clear Choice Pool & Spa Service. The technician is trained to look for leaks in areas like where the ladder is bolted to the wall, the sides of the pool, around the drain, lights and the tiles – areas you cannot get to without proper training and tools.

If you think you are experiencing a leak, you should contact a maintenance as soon as possible to prevent any permanent damaged caused by a leak.