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How to hire a pool service contractor, A Clear Choice Pool service company offers advice 

Homeowners who live in California — many of them — know the beauty of owning their own swimming pool. Menifee, California with its warm, long summer days and nights simply beckons you to become a swimming pool owner. If you’re new to pool ownership or if you’re ready to turn the maintenance of your pool over to a swimming pool service professional from A Clear Choice Pool service, they offer you insights on how to hire a pool service contractor.

One way to start your pool service contractor research is by asking friends and neighbors who they use. If you see a pool service contractor in your neighborhood, walk over and ask for a business card and see if they can provide an estimate for service since they are in the area.

How to hire a pool service contractor

  • Find out if the potential pool contractor is licensed in your state. Verify that the contractor is in good standing with the state contractor’s licensing board.
  • Ask the potential swimming pool service contractor for a list of references for clients with whom he is working now and for whom he has worked in the past. Make certain you reach out and ask if they are satisfied with the service.
  • Do they have liability insurance. Accidents can happen and you don’t want to have to rely on yoru homeowner’s insurance to pay for any potential damages. Ask the pool contractor for proof of liability insurance.
  • What does the pool service company charge? It’s best to obtain estimates from more than one pool service contractor. Compare the estimates. If there are widely varying prices, ask each contractor to explain and let him or her know you received another estimate and the prices were vastly different and you’re just looking to understand why.
  • Before you hire a pool contractor, ask yourself if you’ve received good customer service when you made your initial call. Did someone answer the phone? If not, did they call you back promptly? How did they treat you on the phone? What was the ease with which you were able to schedule an appointment for them to come and look at your pool?
  • Do they project a professional appearance? When they come to your house are the vehicles well-marked? Are they in a uniform? Do they have invoices with their company name on them?
  • Do they offer flat rates? do they require you to pay for chemicals? What are costs for “add on” services such as additional cleanings or equipment inspections. Do they provide emergency services, if so, what is their response rate and the cost?

Do your homework before you sign any pool service maintenance contract. Because it’s important to keep your swimming pool water clean, clear and free of bacteria, it is important that you either commit to taking on the task yourself or to hiring a pool service contractor. Many pool owners find they spend less money when they hire a contractor than when they cared for the pool themselves. Also, when you work with a pool contractor, you don’t have to purchase and find a safe place to store the pool chemicals you will use to keep the water clean.

Whether you’re a new pool owner or if you want to hand the responsibility of pool maintenance off to a professional, start your research now so you’re ready to start the new swim year with a pool contractor undertaking your pool tasks.