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Owning a swimming pool is certainly fun. But owning a swimming pool is certainly a lot of work. The swimming pool contractors from ACC Pool & Spa Service in Menifee, California know explain that how to care for and maintain a swimming pool is a question they get asked all of the time. When you make the commitment to own a swimming pool you are also making a commitment to keep the water clean and free of bacteria.

Proper pool and spa maintenance is not only for the health and safety of those who swim, but to keep the pool equipment from being damaged by improper pool chemistry. A cleaned and maintained pool will also help inhibit the growth of algae.

How to care for and maintain a swimming pool

Hiring a service contractor to provide service and maintenance after the swimming pool or spa has been installed is what many pool owners opt for. They have found that it costs them more money and certainly takes a lot of their free time to keep the pool clean and maintained and hiring a pro just makes everything easier and in some cases costs them less!

Here are tips for spa and swimming pool maintenance and upkeep:

  • Buy and use a pool cover. A cover reduces maintenance costs, saves on chemicals and heating costs. A cover reduces evaporation. All money saving measures. If you don’t have a retractable cover, store the cover in a safe place, out of the hot sun while you’re swimming. Make sure it’s in a place that is easy to get to so you don’t have an excuse to not put it on when you’re done swimming.
  • Know the operating pressure of the swimming pool filter. Your pool contractor will write it on the filter and you should check it occasionally to make certain it is at the proper operating level — if not, call a pool contractor.
  • Keep all manuals and operating instructions in an accessible location. When there is a potential issue with the pool you dont want to be scrambling to find the manuals to see what’s going on.
  • When you vacuum your swimming pool — whether you’re doing maintenance on your own or you’re vacuuming between service visits — there is a proper way to do that. Brush the walls and floor first. Make sure you’ve turned the filter off so the water is still. Work down the walls and along the floor. Take your time because if you move quickly you stir up the dirt, making it harder to remove.
  • When your pool is being installed make sure the contractor installs the skimmer on the downwind side of the pool. Doing this means the wind will help push debris toward the opening and cut down on cleaning time.
  • Test the water and then add chemicals a little at a time. Keep testing until the water chemisty is at proper levels.

If you undertake some small maintenance tasks between contractor service visits you may be able to cut back on the price of pool maintenance.