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The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool Care in Menifee, California talk with their customers about moving away from using chlorine to keep the pool water clean. They are often asked about how to clean your pool with oxygen — and it can be done.

There is no way around it — the pool water needs to be cleaned and sanitized and for decades, the traditional way to do just that is by using chlorine and other sanitizing agents. There are some pool owners, though who want to move away from immersing themselves in chemicals when they swim and using an oxygenator is one way to do just that.

Pool owners who have an oxygen system installed find they have a better swimming experience and feel better about the swimming environment than they did when their pools were cleaned with chlorine.

How to clean your pool with oxygen

Before you decide to make the switch (and it does come with a price tag) here is some background information. Ozone is formed through the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and when there is a rain and lightning storm and you smell the “freshness” of the air — it’s because of ozone. Ozone is what makes the air bright and shiny when the sun shines.

Oxygen and ozone can also be manmade and that is what happens when an ozone cleaning system is used in your swimming pool. Ozone is a powerful and safe sanitizer and can perform the same cleaning as chlorine and bromine and without any side effects. In an ozone cleaning system, it will destroy bacteria and contaminants and then the ozone will dissipate. Ozone is injected into the pool water as it is drawn into the pool filter and returns the water to the pool clean and free of bacteria.

 Why should you consider an oxygen cleaning system? 

  1. When the water is cleaned through oxidation, it will neutralize contaminants int he water. Ozone will clean more than 3,000 times faster than chemicals and does it safer.
  2. Ozone safely kills disease-causing bacteria and pathogens in the pool water.
  3. pH levels are more consistent when the pool water is cleaned with ozone.
  4. You won’t smell ozone like you smell chlorine (although chlorine is odorless until the “free chlorine” levels in the pool water get out of balance)
  5. When you’re using ozone to clean the pool water you won’t run the risks that come from swimming in chlorine-treated water.

If you’ve been wanting to make a change from cleaning your pool with chlorine, give us a call and let’s discuss the options for using an ozone system to keep your pool water free of bacteria and contaminants.