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We come into the swimming pool process once your pool has been constructed, but if you want to know how to get ready to build a pool, we have put together this article to help you navigate the maze that is swimming pool construction. We can offer you insight into how to choose the best pool contractor and we can also give you information on how to keep the pool clean, what equipment to choose and other tips on pool maintenance and service.

The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool in Menifee, California are your go-to experts for pool service after the project has been complete. We can also talk to you during the process and give you an idea on how much the service and maintenance may cost once the project is done. Keep in mind that the placement of the pool will have an impact on the cost and frequency of pool maintenance and service.

How To Get Ready To Build A Pool

Here are a few questions to ask a pool contractor about when you’re working with him on the project.

  1. Ask for a bird’s eye sketch of how the pool will look once it’s done. Pay attention to pool placement, where it is by the house, trees and other landscaping and will you have room to expand and add an outdoor living space if you want to later.
  2. Talk with your zoning officer — your pool contractor will help you obtain building permits.
  3. Chart the weather patterns and check how the sun falls on it and the wind patterns.
  4. What type of overhead issues are there? Trees and electrical lines can have an impact on construction and maintenance.
  5. What is the ease of egress and ingress to and from the pool and the house? If guests come over will they need to traipse through your entire house to get to and from a bathroom?
  6. Do you have to run additional electricity and plumbing for the project? You might, depending on where you place the pool.
  7. Most importantly, what is your budget for the project and what is the budget for ongoing upkeep, maintenance and increases in utility bills?

Know what you truly want to have as part of your pool project and bring those items up when you meet with your pool contractor. This will be a project and investment you will live with for decades.