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We’ve written recently about how to keep black algae from getting into your pool water and we want to expand on that by telling you how to have sparkling clean pool water. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and shut downs, swimming pool service contractors are considered essential businesses and as such we are available to keep your swimming pool cleaned, serviced and maintained.

If you’re home, what better way to spend time together than by spending it in the swimming pool together? We can’t think of any better way. The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa Service in Menifee, CA offer tips for having clean water that is always ready to swim in. Whether you care for your pool on your own or hire a pool contractor, you can benefit from these tips.

How to have sparkling clean pool water

We put together this checklist for first-time pool owners or long-time pool owners who want a refresher on pool maintenance.

  1. Check the pool water chemistry regularly. Even if you work with us, you will want to check the water between service visits, especially if there has been a rainfall or if you have had a larger than usual swimmer load.
  2. Know how long you need to run the pool pump and filter daily to completely turn the water over. You may want to invest in a programmable device that will turn the pump and filter on and run it during the overnight hours when the draw on the electric grid is less and it will save you money.
  3. Clean the skimmer baskets regularly. You want the water to flow freely through the skimmer basket. Check it before you swim and empty it out.
  4. Pay attention to any spots of standing water that weren’t there before — it could indicate a leak. Give us a call.
  5. Use the pool cover to keep the water cleaner between service visits.

Protect your pool and the pool water and assure it’s always ready for you to swim in when you’re ready to do just that! Give us a call if you want an estimate on a pool cleaning and maintenance contract this summer.