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Swimming pools are “required” for homeowners in California, right? LOL, well if they aren’t they should be! The swimming pool contractors from the best pool service in Menifee, CA at A Clear Choice Pool care explain how to make pool maintenance easier. We know that if you have a swimming pool you certainly don’t want to spend all your time cleaning it do you?

There are two ways to keep the pool clean:

  1. Hire pool maintenance and service professional
  2. DIY it

You may actually find if you hire a pool contractor it may cost you less money — it will certainly cost you less time — to have a pro do it. The reason for that is that if you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t understand the nuances of pool chemistry you may be adding a bit of this chemical, followed by a bit of that chemical then a bit more of the other and so on and so on until you get the chemistry just right. That will cost you a lot more money! Also, if you DIY it you will need to buy all the chemicals upfront and find a safe place to store them.

How to make pool maintenance easier

We have put together some steps you can take to make pool maintenance easier and less expensive whether you DIY it or hire a pro:

  1. Skim it. Keep a close eye on things floating on the surface of the pool water. Scoop it up before it falls to the bottom of the pool.
  2. Clean it. Empty the pool skimmer basket frequently to help the water circulate and to remove debris. Clean debris from the pool pump basket. Turn off the pump, remove the basket it and clean it of any debris. The pool will work harder and the water won’t be as clean if the pump and filter are working harder because they’re dealing with a dirty basket.
  3. Brush it. Use a brush for your pool construction material – fiberglass, vinyl liner or gunite — and brush the pool walls and floor.
  4. Vacuum it. Once you have brushed the walls and floors, vacuum up any debris. You can brush it manually or use a robotic pool vacuum — ask us about the ways to automate vacuuming.
  5. Test it. Buy and use a water test kit. Catching chemical imbalances before they get too far out of line will make it easier to keep the chemistry in line and the water free of bacteria.

If you’re new to pool ownership or if you want to give up cleaning it yourself, give us a call and we can come by and do a cleaning and give you an estimate for a season of service.