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Swimming pool safety needs to be front of mind for anyone who is investing in a swimming pool project for their family. The biggest safety measure you can have is to learn how to teach your children to swim. Many municipalities offer swim lessons, schools offer lessons or you could hire your own pool instructor to teach your children in the comfort of your own yard.

Some parents find they’d prefer to teach their children to swim themselves and if you want to — we say, why not! We do recommend lessons be taught in a way that makes it always fun for the children and for you. You don’t want your children to get afraid of the water or to dread the lessons and many children — let’s face it — listen better to a stranger!

The swimming pool service contractors from ACC Pools in Menifee, California will work to keep your pool water always ready to swim in and you just need to have fun with your family!  Remember even if your children have taken lessons and can swim, they should never be left in the pool unsupervised.

How to teach your children to swim

Here are some tips for finding the best swim instructor for your family and children:

  1. Ask friends and family if they know of anyone, or anywhere, to take your children for lessons. Referrals are the best.
  2. Look online for instructors and community pools that may offer instruction.
  3. Don’t commit to an instructor until you see him or her in action. Make sure the children who are learning look like they are having fun, in addition to learning.
  4. What is the student-teacher ratio. A rule of thumb is that one adult swim teacher can handle a maximum of five students.
  5. If you have specific concerns about the swim lessons and what your children need to learn, discuss it before the lessons.

Children should always have a healthy respect for the water — and adults should, too. Even if your children know how to swim, they might still be better off wearing a life vest to keep them extra safe.