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A Clear Choice pool contractors explain Indoor swimming pool considerations

An indoor swimming pool is one that allows the pool owner to enjoy the swimming pool year-round, regardless of the weather. The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pools in Menifee, California say there are indoor swimming pool considerations that must be addressed before diving into this type of a project.

The considerations aren’t typically enough to stop a pool owner from pursuing this type of project — especially if they have the room in their home for a swimming pool. Why choose indoors for your pool? Other than being able to use the pool year-round? Privacy is noted as one of the biggest reasons that swimming pool exercise homeowners opt for indoor swimming pools. Also, it doesn’t have to be cold weather that drives you from your pool — pool owners that live in areas of the country with triple digit temperatures find an indoor pool also allows them to get more use out of the structure.

Indoor swimming pool considerations

What are some of the unique issues with an indoor swimming pool? Here are a few:

  • Having a pool in an enclosed space can lead to the “damp” or musty odor — the same type odor you sometimes notice when walking into the enclosed area of a hotel pool, for example. You may also smell chlorine in addition to the musty smell. If you do smell chlorine, though, that means that your pool chemicals are out of balance and you should be talking with your swimming pool contractor to have him adjust the levels. Remember, chlorine is odorless and colorless when in proper balance.
  • Your indoor pool will require super-chlorination aka shocking, more frequently than will an outdoor swimming pool. The reason for super-chlorinating the water is to rid it of unfiltered waste including: body oils, deodorants or other undissolved solids. An outdoor swimming pool allows for the space for these unfiltered waste by products to be released into the air. Indoors, that isn’t possible. Budget for the time and expense of super-chlorination of an indoor pool.
  • Because the indoor pool may be more easily accessible and enjoyable you may have a higher swimmer load and this could lead to the need for more frequent cleanings. Talk with us about how many people you believe will be using the pool and how frequently and we will determine the optimal cleaning schedule.
  • You may be looking a a more intensive maintenance and upkeep schedule with an indoor swimming pool. Why? Because the pool may be used year round;  a lack of sun on the water and because many people think that an indoor pool doesn’t “get as dirty because there are no outside elements getting in.” The “outdoor elements” certainly won’t be an issue as it relates to leaves or bugs, but there are still outdoor elements that are brought into the pool water by those who use it. An indoor swimming pool will require more frequent brushing of the walls and floor to remove biofilm (which is something to which algae can attach and grow).
  • The type of filter that is installed in the swimming pool may mean it needs to be cleaned, the cartridges replaced and the filter to be backwashed. Ask your pool contractor what type of maintenance and upkeep your pool filter will require.
  • Plan to have a dehumidifier installed as part of your indoor pool project. This will be especially true if the pool is in a completely enclosed area or one with glassed in walls. Keeping the moisture levels in check will protect your home from any potential for mold growth because of too high humidity levels in the room in which the pool is housed.
  • Don’t forget to invest in a pool covers as a way to keep children and curious pets out as well as dirt and debris from getting in. The room in which the pool is housed will also need to have safety locks on the doors to keep children from getting into the room when you’re not in attendance.

If you have a home with enough space to accommodate an indoor swimming pool, give us a call to discuss the project and your options for this unique structure.