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If you have a hot tub and if you have back pain you want to keep your hot tub clean and soak away back pain when it rears its ugly head. To assure your hot tub water is clean and that the hot tub is always available for you when you want to use it, the swimming pool and hot tub maintenance contractors from A Clear Choice Pool and Spa Service in Menifee, CA are on the job!

Physicians will tell you that a soak in a hot tub can:

  1. Encourage blood flow
  2. Promote circulation
  3. Promote relaxation
  4. Relieve stress
  5. Soak away aches and pains from back ailments

When you soak in a hot tub or spa you’re treating your back to a way to find true relief from stiffness and discomfort — in a way a hot shower or a heating pad never could. The jets in your hot tub along with the heated water are a powerful pain relief combination.

 Keep your hot tub clean and soak away back pain

Can you believe that Americans spend more than $50 billion every year to address back pain and very few find true relief. When you work with one of our hot tub and swimming pool service professionals you are taking a step in alleviating your back pain and getting back to life!

Temporary relief can be found in prescription medications but it’s been shown that heat and the power of the jets in the hot tub provide longer lasting relief.

If you’re getting physical therapy or ultrasound treatments or other heat treatments, ask your doctor if you would benefit from a hot tub. Ask about the various benefits of the different types of jets available in a hot tub and you just might find relief in your own back yard instead of visiting doctors and physical therapists all the time.

A heating pad may be effective on the localized area of your back pain, but immersing yourself in the heated and jetted depths of a hot tub will relax all of your muscles. Chances are the rest of your body is tense from holding yourself in a specific position or because you’re so stiff from the back pain.

Also, dilating blood vessels and reducing muscle spasms in the surrounding areas of your back pain can help enhance the pain relieving benefits of the hot tub soak.

When you’re shopping for a hot tub, plan to take a soak in one to test out the various types of jets and their placement so when you get your own hot tub you get the one that’s best for your back pain relief.