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Owning a swimming pool in California, or anywhere in the country for that matter, is a luxury and a great place to entertain family and swimming pool tiles friends. If you have a swimming pool, though you also understand the maintenance and upkeep that is required to keep the water clean and clear, the tiles free of algae and the pool floor clear of debris. Whether you hire a Menifee, California swimming pool service professional or opt to take care of pool maintenance on your own, there are some basic mistakes that beginning pool owners make.

The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa offer these tips and advice so you don’t make the common swimming pool ownership and maintenance mistakes they see frequently:

  1. Neglecting to check the pool water chemical balances frequently. The chemistry should be checked at least twice a week during the summer — more if it sees a lot of traffic and at least once a week during the winter (if you’re still using it on occasion). Checking it and keeping them in balance will help you avoid bacteria or algae growth.
  2. Adding your pool chemicals during the daytime. The sun can alter the physical make up of your pool chemicals and can also cause them to evaporate and lose effectiveness. Add them at night, after the sun has gone down, and run your pool pump and filter at night at off peak hours to save on your utility bills.
  3. Your pool pumps need to be run for very specific number of hours per day and this can vary depending on the size, shape and depth of your pool and the size of your pump. Ask your pool service contractor for advice on the correct amount of time to run everything. A general rule of thumb is to run the pool pump for one hour per every 10 degrees of temperature.
  4. Not taking the time to brush the swimming pool walls and tiles often enough. Algae can take hold, seemingly overnight, and it will more easily take hold on pool walls and floors and pool steps that are not clean. If the tiles get a build up of calcium, it can take a pool service pro to safely remove the calcification. Speaking of calcium; you need to regularly check the calcium levels and the total dissolved liquids. Calcium levels should be checked monthly, total dissolved liquids at least every six months.
  5. Regularly inspecting the space between the top of your swimming pool tile and the coping or cantilever on the deck. If water gets down between the pool structure and the ground beneath it, you could end up with a heaving pool, cracks in the structure or erosion issues.

There may be other common pool maintenance mistakes your pool service contractor sees regularly. Ask him for advice and make certain you address any issues that come up.