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The swimming pool service contractors from ACC Pool & Spa Service in Menifee, California often discuss pool care for beginners with their new customers. The service professionals from A Clear Choice understand that most pool owners want to know at least the basics of pool care because they will be able to notice any changes to the water or equipment between service visits.

There are many tasks a pool owner can undertake on his or her own and there are those that are best left to a pool professional and there are those that are in between both of those extremes. When you have your swimming pool constructed, or if you’re buying a home with a swimming pool, there is so much you need to know to keep the water bacteria-free and safe for swimming.

Even when you work with a swimming pool maintenance professional you should always know the basics of pool care and maintenance and you should have basic pool tools on hand.

Pool care for beginners

  1. A leaf rake and skimmer should be deckside and will be the tool you use most often between service visits. If you use a pool cover, you won’t have to skim away debris as frequently — a great reason to use a pool cover, right?
  2. A wall and floor brush. You will use this if you want to brush away debris from the sides and floor of your pool. If you take on this task, you will also want to vacuum away any debris you’ve loosened. Yes, much of the loosened debris may be pulled into the skimmer basket and you can empty that, but vacuuming is your best line of defense to clear any loosened debris away.
  3. A vacuum. You can invest in a robotic model, have a vacuum system built in when the pool is constructed or use a hand held, traditional pool vacuum to suck up any debris. Ask us how to hook up and properly use the vacuum.
  4. A water test kit. The day you become a pool owner, you should also become a water test kit owner. You can purchase a water test kit from us and we can help you understand the readings you’re seeing when you test the water. Test it frequently and call us if you notice the readings are out of balance.

It may not be an actual “pool tool” but having a swimming pool cover will help with safety, keeping the water cleaner because debris can’t get in and will help slow the rate of pool water evaporation. If you don’t have a cover, let’s talk about that at our next service visit.