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Owning a swimming pool means you not only get the fun and enjoyment of it but you also get the task of keeping the pool water clean, clear and bacteria-free. For many swimming pool owners, it’s a decision they never regret to hire the services of a Menifee, California swimming pool service contractor swimming pool service to keep up with pool cleaning and equipment maintenance.

Even if you contract with a service provider, unless he will be visiting your home on a daily basis you may want to look into various pool cleaning methods that you can undertake yourself between visits. Here are some examples the swimming pool service providers at A Clear Choice Pool & Spa offer as interim cleaning methods:

  • Automated — robotic — cleaners. These cleaners work much like in-house Roomba systems. A battery powered vacuum moves along the bottom of the swimming pool sucking up dirt and debris.
  • Water pressure cleaning systems — these come in two different types: a booster-less system and a booster pump style. With the booster-less system the pool’s circulation pump powers the booster.¬†Booster pump systems operate on a separate pump and motor than your swimming pool. The way they both work is high pressure jets of water are sent through flexible hoses and the cleaner itself and it acts as a vacuum cleaning system. It has a separate bag to collect dirt and debris and uses a sweeper type vacuum head that you move along the bottom and sides of the pool.
  • Self cleaning systems mean that you will need to have jets installed into the bottom of the swimming pool. The bottom mounted jets push dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool toward the main drain and it will then be sucked away.
  • Automatic cleaners that attach to side suction systems are another option. These use a standard vacuum home that runs along the bottom of the pool and sends any dirt and debris into the skimmer basket. Once you’re done, you need to empty the skimmer basket.

If you’re considering an automatic cleaning system, spend some time with your pool service contractor so that you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of all the styles available before you invest in a solution.