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Reasons to repair your swimming pool, Menifee, CA pool contractors explain

There are many reasons to repair your swimming pool – some for aesthetic reasons, others for safety and still others for the money-saving potential. When you’re talking with your swimming pool service contractor from A Clear Choice Pool, ask for advice on what items you may want to consider repairing either now or in the future.

Undertaking a swimming pool repair project could be because you purchased a home with an existing pool and you want to “make it your own” or your pool is looking old and tired or you want to breathe some new life into it. You may have also been reading about new, improved pool equipment and want to incorporate that in order to save money on your pool operating costs. No matter the reason, we can help with your remodeling and repair project!

Reasons to repair your swimming pool

A repair project doesn’t have to be to address a dire situation. Here are items to consider for your pool renovation project:

  1. Adding new water features. Your pool renovation or repair project could include adding a waterfall, a fountain or two, a diving board, sun shelves, a slide, updated in-pool lighting or even a hot tub as part of the pool.
  2. Update the pool tiles or acid wash the concrete for a fresh look. Changing the pool tiles or finish offers a dramatic eye-appealing change to your swimming pool. Talk with us about whether you should use aggregate, tile, plaster or any of the other options available. The way in which you upgrade the pool finish may depend on the area of the country in which you live.
  3. Enhance pool safety during your remodeling and repair project. Upgrade and update your pool safety fence. If your pool has a chain link fence consider upgrading that to a fence that is both beautiful and functional. Upgrade your pool cover — add a safety cover or an electric pool cover remover. Update the main drain to prevent any entrapment in the drain. Add pool alarms or motion activated pool security cameras to enhance the safety of those in and around the pool.
  4. Renovate and remodel for energy efficiency. If you are still using a single speed pump in your swimming pool, the change to a variable speed pump will be money well-spent. A variable speed pump will pay for itself in money saved by running your old pump at the same speed when it operates. A variable speed pump runs faster when the task warrants (vacuuming the pool, for example) and slower when it’s not necessary (circulating the water after adding pool chemicals.) If you don’t use a pool cover, adding one will save money and may even allow you to use fewer chemicals to keep the pool water clean. A pool cover will also slow the rate of water evaporation and that means you won’t be refilling the pool as often as you were before.

Set your budget and put together a list of items you’d like to accomplish with your swimming pool repair or renovation and let’s sit down and discuss your options. There is no time like the present to begin the review process for your pool project.