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Everyone has one! If that’s the argument you’re using for reasons you need a pool house, that may be valid, but Menifee, California swimming pool service professionals? explain, it’s a start! A pool house may be a major expense, but if you’ve invested in a beautiful outdoor swimming pool and spend countless hours out there, then a pool house might be the next big accessory you budget for.

Every pool owner knows, you spend as much time pool side as you do in the pool. There are times you just want to relax by the pool, but just don’t want to swim. In our experience, that is the case with many of our pool service clients. There are just days when relaxing with an adult beverage pool side is just what the doctor ordered.

When you discover that you’re spending as much time poolside as you do in the water, adding a pool house makes even more sense. These outdoor structures have been elevated from functional out buildings that might house pool chemicals or a washing machine, to beautiful, livable areas.

Reasons you need a pool house

  • You don’t want to cook indoors. Add an outdoor kitchen as part of the design.
  • You want additional guest sleeping space, but don’t want to build an addition on the house. Your pool house, depending on its amenities can be an ideal place for overnight guests. With the trend of “tiny living” a guest can be perfectly comfortable in a space of a 100 feet or fewer!
  • Design the pool house with an outdoor dining area, perhaps with a roof to allow you to enjoy eating al fresco regardless of the weather.
  • Equip the pool house with weather resistant furniture inside and out — to accommodate for wet bathing suits. Or make a no suits in the pool house rule other than for changing into and out of them and the pool house can be equipped with fold out furniture that goes from seating area to sleeping area.
  • A step above a storage shed. Your pool house could be a step above a storage shed and have a community bathroom, a washer driver and a place to cook out and relax, but perhaps not accommodate overnight guests.

Your pool house can be what you make of it and will be an ideal extension of your home and your pool. If you’ve been thinking of doing “something” in your backyard space to enhance the time you spend out of doors, consider a pool house. Give us a call and let’s discuss the options!