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Tips for swimming pool safety is something that the swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool service in Menifee, CA talk with their pool customers about. There is nothing more crucial that a swimming pool owner needs to pay attention to than the safety of all the children (and adults) who use the swimming pool.

Safety is one of those pool responsibilities that can never be overlooked or ignored for even a moment. Whether you are new to pool ownership or whether you have been a long-time pool owner, it is never a bad idea to revisit pool safety items and to inspect your pool equipment to assure it’s in proper working order in the event of an emergency.

 Tips for swimming pool safety

Here are some basic safety measures to consider for your swimming pool:

  • Install a motion activated web camera to assure no one is in the pool when an adult isn’t present.
  • Have a safety fence put around the pool. Safety fencing is not an option for many areas of the country — they are mandated by local law to keep everyone safe.
  • Use a pool safety cover. A pool cover, in general, will keep your pool water cleaner, but a pool safety cover is rated to hold a small child and prevent him or her from falling into the water. A safety cover can also prevent pets from falling into the pool.
  • Never swim alone. This is a rule that adults should adhere to as well. Children should never, ever be left alone in or around the swimming pool — not even for a moment.
  • Learn CPR and keep rescue equipment handy Life vests should be worn by children — even if they can swim. Today’s life vests aren’t bulky and are an added layer of safety for the children who use your pool.
  • Teach your children to swim. Keep in mind, though, that even if your children know how to swim they should never, ever be left alone in the pool or pool area.
  • Use a motion activated floating pool alarm. These alarms will sound when the surface of the water is disturbed and are a great safety measure.

As us for futher pool safety tips and for information on layers of pool safety equipment and devices you can have installed in your pool to assure the utmost safety for everyone who uses your pool.