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California pool owners have been having a grand time this summer — the temperatures have been sweltering in many areas of the state. If you have a pool, though, you’re not as concerned because you have an oasis right in the back yard and you can jump in and not worry about the temperatures outdoors! What are the benefits of a solar pool heater? You may think that a pool owner in California doesn’t need one, but they do!

The sun shines a LOT in California, but let’s face it we get cooler temperatures and when they arrive you may look at your pool longingly but you don’t want to jump in and start swimming. A solar pool heater, the best pool service contractors in Menifee, California explain will keep the water a lovely, swimmable temperature — perhaps even year-round!

Heating the pool water by harnessing the power of the sun will save money on electricity and it will also help the environment.

What are the benefits of a solar pool heater?

The key to a successful solar pool installation is that it needs to be placed in the correct space in your yard to harness the full power of the sun. A solar pool heater contractor is experienced and will help with that placement on your behalf.

Retain the heat from the sun by painting the bottom of your pool a dark color. It may seem odd, but the dark color on the bottom of a pool will retain the heat then slowly release it back into the water. If you have a pool that has a dark colored bottom you will need to make sure it is well lighted so there are no accidents.

Talk with us today if you are considering a solar pool heater installation or are looking for other ways to extend the swimming season in your pool by keeping the water warmer longer.