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The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice, the best pool service in Menifee, California understand that if you’re new to pool ownership you may not understand what happens during a pool service visit. The type of service for which you originally contracted will play a role in what your pool service contractor will do and the tasks he will perform during a maintenance call. You need ot understand, when you originally contract with a pool maintenance company as to what is included, and what is excluded from a weekly service visit. You don’t want to have any surprises when it comes to your pool care, so ask questions up front and ask for clarification if you don’t understand why one pool contractor provides service X while the other only offers Y and a third offers XY and Z.

 What happens during a pool service visit

There are some intrepid pool owners who take on the task of maintenance and upkeep for their pools fully and still others call on the services of a pool company for occasional cleanings or for deep cleanings. Regardless of how you’re working with a pool contractor, here are a few things to look for and ask a potential pool contractor before you sign a contract.

If you work with the swimming pool service technicians at A Clear Choice Pool And Spa Service, here is a partial list of what they can do for your pool during a maintenance visit.

  • He will clean and maintain the pool weekly
  • Analyze the waters chemistry
  • Adjustments will be made to bring chemicals into balance
  • Ph levels will be checked and regulated
  • Dirt and debris will be cleaned from the pool
  • The pool walls and floor will be brushed
  • The pool will be vacuumed
  • The pool stairs, ladders, tiles and any diving boards or slides will be brushed
  • The integrity of the pool ladder, diving board and stairs will be inspected reguarly
  • The pool equipment will be checked to make certain it is operating at peak performance

When you meet with a potential pool service contractor, ask questions about what is included and if there is terminology you don’t understand, ask. A pool contractor you want to work with is one who will answer all of your questions from the very first meeting.