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swimming pool heaterIf only there was a one size fits all when it comes to the “ideal” temperature for the water in your swimming pool. There are general rules that swimming pool service contractors in Menifee, California give their pool clients as to what many consider a “comfortable” temperature –that happens to be between 78-82 degrees to be comfortable. As with all general rules, this may be too cool for some swimmers and too warm for others.

If your swimming pool doesn’t have a heater installed, you can warm the water by using solar technologies or through the use of a solar cover although neither of those methods will provide a consistent method of keeping the water at a steady temperature. If you are looking for water temperatures that are steady, you may want to ask your Clear Choice Pool & Spa service professional about installing a swimming pool water heater. Once its installed, it will be a bit of a guessing game until you find a temperature that all of your swimmers can agree upon.

Swimming pool service providers explain that increasing the water temperature in your swimming pool will have an impact on the overall maintenance of the pool itself. Water at high temperatures means the water could evaporate at a quicker rate and the higher water temps will burn through your sanitizer more quickly. Out of line water saturation indexes can lead to scale forming on the water. Bear in mind too that if your water is too warm it will be uncomfortable for swimming or too much exercise.

Installing a heater with a remote allows you to adjust the timer to make up for seasonal temperature changes may mean you will only need to adjust the thermometer a degree or two to make a noticeable difference. Your swimming pool service provider may need to adjust the chemicals used in the swimming pool to keep up with temperature changes. Tell him when you’re adjusting the temp so he knows to adjust chemicals or so he will know why the chemicals are in need of adjustment.