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When it comes to things you could do to your swimming pool that could damage it almost beyond repair — it would be draining it. The swimming pool contractors in Menifee, California from ACC Pool and Spa Service offer 3 reasons to never drain your pool. Once your pool has been constructed and filled there is typically never a reason to drain it. If it ever needs to be drained, your pool contractor should be the one to suggest it and perform the task.

Modern technology and the hardy building materials from which pools are constructed means they rarely ever need to be drained. Even vinyl liner pool technology has advanced to the point where the material is tough enough to rarely if ever, require draining to fix a rip or tear. The use of waterproof repair kits may also mean even a rip won’t require draining of a vinyl liner pool.

If you aren’t a swimming pool professional who is familiar with pool drainage techniques, the pool could be seriously damaged if drained by a novice or a DIYer.

3 Reasons To Never Drain Your Pool

  1. Vinyl liners are the most at risk of damage beyond repair if drained by a novice. Older inground vinyl liner pools may not have the structural integrity to remain intact if the water isn’t there the walls could collapse and that could also damage the electrical connections and the power. When the water is removed, the liner will float and could get wrinkled beyond repair.
  2. Draining an above-ground swimming pool could lead to the collapse of the walls and they could crack. If you drain the pool and don’t almost immediately refill it, it could shrink and not fit inside the shell once you put it back together.
  3. Fiberglass pools can float in the excavated area and this could lead to damage to the plumbing and electrical. The backfilled earth may fall into the hole if the pool shell starts floating, too.

Your swimming pool contractor will let you know if — and when – your pool will ever need to be drained and he will bring his crew to undertake the task. Leave this to the professionals.