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It’s wonderful to hand the pool care and maintenance over to a professional from A Clear Choice Pool Care in Menifee, CA but as a pool owner you should know at least the basics of pool care. We have put together a list of 6 pool care tips for all California pool owners that will give you an easy way to ensure your pool stays clean and free of bacteria between visits.

We know that pool care and maintenance can be confusing especially when it comes to keeping the chemicals balanced. A little too much of one chemical will get everything else out of balance and you may spend your time adding some of this, then a little of that and still not get it right! It is a delicate balancing act to be sure. And honestly wouldn’t you rather swim instead of clean the pool in your free time?!

6 Pool Care Tips For All California Pool Owners

Ask us for deeper insight into pool care and upkeep and to get more knowledge about what to know if your pool is not sounding quite right.

  • We cannot stress enough that you should be using a swimming pool cover. A cover keeps the warmth in the water and it keeps bugs out of the water, helps reduce the rate of evaporation and reduces overall maintenance and upkeep.
  • Ask your pool contractor to write the regular operating pressure on the pool filter and pump. Make note of where it falls between service visits and if you see it going lower than what’s recommended or higher than the recommendation, give us a call.
  • All manuals and operating instructions should be in an easily accessible location. Never get rid of manuals — until you get rid of the pool or a piece of its equipment.
  • Vacuum your swimming pool between pool service visits is to work slowly around the pool or spa. Work down the walls and along the floor. Take your time because if you move quickly you will simply stir up the dirt, making it harder to remove. We can show you how to hook up the vacuum or you can invest in a robotic pool cleaner and let it do its job.
  • Make sure your pool skimmer is installed on the downwind side of the pool to ensure the wind helps push debris toward the opening and cut down on cleaning time.
  • When you’re adding chemicals, add them a little at a time – this is especially true when it comes to balancing the chemicals in a spa.

Ask us for a recommended pool cleaning and maintenance schedule and ask us for an estimate for pool care. You may find it costs you less to hire a pro than to do it yourself (it will certainly free up your time for swimming, not cleaning!)