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“I’m bored.” “There’s nothing to do….” If you have children who are out of school for the summer (or who have been out of school because of the coronavirus pandemic, you have most likely heard this, right? The swimming pool contractors from ACC Pools in Menifee, California have 3 ways to beat summer boredom and they all involve staying right in your own backyard — not having to fight traffic at all!

How can you entertain your children while still have a great summer yourself? Turn to your backyard, make it a staycation spot and everyone into the pool!

3 Ways To Beat Summer Boredom

Trying to keep your children from being “bored” while keeping them entertained AND off of the electronics and out of doors, is a challenge for many parents. When you spend time in the pool together you can “sneak” in some exercise to help keep your children healthy.

  1. Rubber duck races. Yes, it’s just what it sounds like. Get some rubber ducks — let the children choose their favorite color. Jump into the pool, everyone puts their rubber duckie into the water and then moves the duck to the other end of the pool just by moving the water around it. You can’t touch the duck! If you want to make this more challenging, try the game with ping pong balls! If you have a pool with a deep end, then jump into the shallow end and go side to side rather than into the deep water.
  2. A scavenger hunt in the pool means you will drop toys or items that will sink and some that will float and everyone can dive in and grab what they can. Make sure you keep track of how many items you’ve put in so you get the same number back out. Offer prizes to the person who finds the most treasure.
  3. Inflatable wrestling matches. This is harder than it sounds! Grab some inflatable toy sharks, alligators or a pool ball. Each person gets their own inflatable and has to “wrestle” it underwater. Give prizes to the person who can wrestle his or her inflatable under the water for the longest time.

Owning a swimming pool is the starting point for so much fun. You can make it even more fun with inexpensive toys — pool noodles, inflatables, rafts and in-pool games like basketball or a volleyball net.

Safety matters all the time. Never let your children swim unattended — don’t even go into the house for “just a second.” Make sure children wear life vests — even if they know how to swim — it’s just safest all around. Remember, water wings are not to be used as a safety device for a child.

Throw a party! Offer to let your children invite some friends over for a party. Throw a party for your entire family. Summer boredom will be a thing of the past!