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Is your outdoor seating and poolside area as comfortable and relaxing as it should be or could be? The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool Service in Menifee CA offer 4 tips for choosing poolside furniture. When you’re a pool owner, you will spend as much time around the pool as you will in the pool and that means you want a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the beauty of your pool.

Summer has been in full swing for some time now — especially since California has been seeing so much heat this year and if you have been spending a lot of time poolside, but are feeling the outdoor space is a little ho-hum we have tips.

There are so many shapes, styles and materials for pool and patio furniture and it ranges from traditional webbed lounge styles, hammocks and hand-hewn wooden furniture, steel, bamboo and more.

4 tips for choosing poolside furniture

We know you can buy outdoor furniture, but poolside furniture may be different.

  1. You can opt for trending materials and styles, but you may come to regret that in a few years. What you really want is for your pool furniture to be welcoming and then decide whether you want it to mimic or be completely different from your indoor styles, Whether, contemporary or modern, having a central color theme and furniture style can pull your whole outdoor living area together. Choose a complete set when you start shopping if you’re looking for a matched set.
  2. Choose from wrought iron or cypress and cedar because they are durable woods that are popular for outdoor furniture. Cedar and cypress can withstand the water that your swimmers will be dripping onto it when they’re coming out of the pool and are looking for a place to relax and dry off. These woods age well and last for decades. For a less expensive option, choose aluminum frame furniture. This furniture can stand up to years of use and weather.
  3. Fabrics are key and you want those that will withstand outdoor weather and chlorine. Choose from vinyl, polyester and various cottons that are made specifically for outdoor use. If you have children you might want to choose a material that is easy to be cleaned in the event drinks are spilled.
  4. The colors you choose can be unique, colorful, muted, bright color splashes reminiscent of a jungle or floral garden or muted to give the space a subdued look and feel. Choose one vivid color as a base and then build the rest of your cushion colors around it in more muted tones. Unless you plan to upgrade and update your furniture every year make certain you choose a color that you want to live with for many years.

Do some online shopping to determine colors and styles you might like, then come to a pool showroom so you can sit on and see how the furniture feels before you make a commitment. Also, it’s better to work with a local shop than a big box retailer!