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Storms wreak havoc on swimming pools. Too much rain and the pool could be over-full, the chemicals could get out of balance and you will need to add more to compensate and you may need to drain off the excess water. A storm could also bring debris into the pool and could also toss furniture and other outdoor items and tree branches around and those could damage the pool the swimming pool contractors from best pool service in Menifee, California have 5 after storm pool care tips to keep in mind.

If you’re a new pool owner you may wonder what, if anything, you would do to protect the pool before a storm and clean it up after one.

5 After Storm Pool Care Tips

Some of these tips will help you be proactive in pool care and that will make after storm care much easier.

  1. If you have tree branches or even older, dying trees hanging over the deck and pool or spa, trim them back. Branches can break off and could become projectiles during the winds of a storm and damage the pool equipment and lining. If you have recently planted trees as part of the poolside landscaping, stake them to ensure they don’t snap and damage the pool as a dead or heavy tree branch could
  2. Equip your property with lightning rods. Most lightning strikes happen during monsoon season or high storm concentrations and lightning rods can protect the pool from a direct strike that could damage the equipment.
  3. Divert rainfall water away from the deck and ensure it flows away from your pool and your house. Install a heavy duty plastic pipe drainage system to divert the water.
  4. Install concrete “permeable” pavers. With these pavers, which are designed with holes, the water drains through rather than sitting on top.
  5. Cover the swimming pool if you can before the storm comes through. If you aren’t able to do that, once the storm passes, go out and check for any type of damage from the storm. Lift out large branches and debris. Skim out small debris. Ensure the pool equipment still operates, but make sure all large debris is removed before you turn the pump and filter back on. Test the water chemistry, add chemicals to get it back in balance or give us a call and schedule an additional pool cleaning for the after-storm care.

Make certain pool patio furniture is tied down or stored when the storm is predicted to blow through. Begin pool clean up as soon as possible to get the water clean and to assess any possible damage.