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The number of steps that go into swimming pool upkeep and maintenance can be mind-boggling — especially for new pool owners in Menifee, California. The pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool Care understand that and that’s why they put together this list of 5 basic pool care tips for the DIY pool owner.

You may find that the time it takes you to clean your pool could be better spent swimming. You may also find that it will cost you less money to hire a pool service pro than to do it yourself. You will definitely save on having to purchase all the chemicals up front and having to find a place to safely store them all season.

5 basic pool care tips

Here is a list to get you started.

  1. Leaf rake and skim off all floating debris. If it falls to the bottom of the pool it could discolor the pool material and it could also clog up your pump and filter.
  2. Brush the walls and floor and then vacuum up all the debris you’ve loosened up. Don’t leave the loose debris floating around the pool waiting for it to get pulled into the skimmer and filter. You may want to invest in an automatic pool vacuum if you’re going to DIY pool maintenance.
  3. A swimming pool cover will save you time on pool cleaning. It will also help cut the rate of evaporation.
  4. A water testing kit is a pool owner’s life line. Test the water regularly and then make sure you understand the readings and what chemicals you need to add to get them back in balance.
  5. Check the pump pressure levels often and make note of what they are. If the pressure gets too high or too low, you may want to contact a pool pro to come inspect the equipment to ensure it’s working properly or to help you make it work properly.

Talk with us if you want to take on the care and maintenance of your pool. We can come and give you a lesson so you can take on the care of your pool for the season.