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You and the family have decided that you’re going to spend the day in and around the swimming pool. Great! But, now that you’re all heading out to the back yard to do just that you notice the water is cloudy. What does that mean? Well, initially it means you won’t want to jump in until you know why it’s cloudy – there are a myriad of reasons. The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pools in Menifee, California have 5 quick ways to clear cloudy pool water.

Cloudy water is unappealing. More than that, though is that cloudy water could pose a health risk if the water is filled with harmful bacteria or algae. Also, cloudy pool water could mean the pool’s circulation aka filter isn’t working well and if it isn’t that poses another risk.

5 quick ways to clear cloudy pool water

First here are a few reasons the water could be cloudy:

  1. The pool sanitizer is empty
  2. The pool pump and filter is dirty or clogged
  3. The pool chemicals are not properly balanced

How can you clear up the pool water? Whether you are a DIYer or if you give your pool contractor a call, it’s great for you to know the how and why of cleaning it up.

  1. Keep the pool water always clean. Don’t skip and skimp on pool maintenance.
  2. The water may need to be shocked – sometimes that is the only way to address the cloudy water.
  3. The pool water may need a clarifier. A clarifier could clear the water right up, but you still need to address the reason for the cloudy water.
  4. Run the pool filter longer than you may have been. Ask your pool contractor how often it should be run. He or she may recommend you run it twelve hours a day.
  5. Test the water chemistry regularly. If you test the water regularly you will see almost immediately if the water chemistry is getting out of balance. Ask your pool contractor for a test kit and how to understand the readings.

You may find it is easier (definitely) and less expensive to hire a swimming pool contractor to undertake the pool maintenance for you. Give us a call if you notice cloudy water. We can help!