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There are so many things you need to consider when um, taking the plunge!, to become a swimming pool owner, not the least of which is the construction material that is best for your family and your budget. The swimming pool service professionals from A Clear Choice Pools in Menifee, California put together this list of 5 reasons to have a concrete pool. It may help with your decision.

You know that a swimming pool is a great way to while away the hours — as the coronavirus showed us — we need to stay home and have canceled vacations. A family swimming pool, though will keep you and your family from being bored — but we don’t have to sell you on that, right!?

One of the biggest decisions you make, as it relates to cost and style, the material from which the pool is constructed, is one of the biggest. Inground pools and concrete pools in particular are the most expensive, but they will last for decades. An inground pool is also an investment in the property and adds value to your home — great if you’re ever going to sell.

5 Reasons To Have A Concrete Pool

Here are some items to consider for your concrete pool construction and whether concrete aka gunite, is best for you.

Reason #1: A concrete swimming pool will increase your home’s value.

Reason #2: Concrete swimming pools are a good long-term investment. They are low maintenance pools and provide an advantage when selling a home and are a perfect item to consider when undertaking a remodeling or upgrade of the home. We work with pool owners to clean and maintain pools — regardless of the construction material.

Reason #3: An in-ground swimming pool made of gunite enhances the beauty of your backyard. If you add decorative retaining walls to the swimming pool design you can further customize and personalize your swimming pool and your backyard.

Reason #4: A concrete swimming pool lasts for decades. Unlike many other pool building materials it doesn’t need replacement. A concrete swimming pool will cost more money up front than other styles of swimming pools but the investment made will be reaped in its durability and beauty. It will eventually require an acid wash to keep it looking like new and that is something we do for our customers.

Reason #5: Concrete swimming pools offer more variety than other building materials. With a concrete swimming pool, the design and style you choose is limited by your budget and your imagination. Choose the plaster or tiles of your liking to further enhance the uniqueness of your completed swimming pool project.

When it comes to the beauty of a concrete swimming pool they are a unique choice for families seeking a flair with their swimming pool design. Call us and we can give you an estimate on your pool upkeep and maintenance once the project is complete!