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5 Tips To Keep Your Pool Water Clean, ACC Pool Service Contractors Explain 

Living in California means you almost need to have your own swimming pool, right? If you do have a swimming pool you may be looking for tips and advice on keeping it clean, operational and the water clear of bacteria. The swimming pool service contractors at A Clear Choice Pool Service in Menifee, California offer five tips to keep your pool water clean.

Whether you work with a pool service contractor on a regular basis or if you undertake most of the pool maintenance yourself, there are steps and tasks that need to be completed regularly or you could be faced with a green, algae-filled swimming pool. Remember, along with owning the swimming pool and using it with your friends and family, you need to keep up with the maintenance and upkeep in order to keep it operational and always swimmable.

Here are five steps you need to be aware of when cleaning a swimming pool.

  1. Skim the pool water to clean it of bugs, debris or leaves. Use a leaf skimmer to clean off floating debris. Clean the pool skimmer basket regularly.
  2. Brush the pool walls and floor. Use a brush specifically designed for your pool type – fiberglass, vinyl liner or gunite. Brushing loosens grime and dirt to make it easier to vacuum.
  3. Remove debris from the swimming pool pump basket. Turn the pump off before you open the basket, remove it and empty debris. The pool filtration system will run smoothly if the basket is clean so the water can flow freely. Check the oil rings for cracks and replace if necessary, when you have the skimmer basket out.
  4. Vacuum the pool. Suck up debris and leaves that have fallen to the bottom of the pool when you brushed the sides. Attach the vacuum hose to the vacuum head properly. Run the vacuum along the sides and the bottom of the pool, take your time to assure you’re not stirring up debris.
  5. The last step is to check chemical levels. If the chemical levels are out of balance it will negatively impact not only the water but could harm those using the pool. Dry skin and red eyes are the most noticeable thing to tell if chemicals are out of balance.

Follow these five steps help keep your pool water clean. If you have questions or simply don’t have the time or desire to perform pool maintenance, give us a call. Many swimming pool owners find that it costs them less money to hire a pool professional to keep up with pool maintenance. The reason for this is that if you service your own pool you have to invest in all of the chemicals — up front. You will also need to find a place to store the chemicals to make sure children and pets can’t come in contact with them. If you are unaware of, or new to, the pool cleaning and chemical balancing task, you may find yourself adding more chemicals than necessary, then needing to add water to the pool, running the filter to get it back in balance and so on and so on.

Research potential pool service contractors, give them a call and request an onsite visit and estimate. Determine whether it’s less expensive to do the maintenance yourself or to hire a professional.