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When you consider the items that should, and should not, go into a hot tub, foam is one of the items that you don’t want to see. The reason your foaming hot tub hot tub can foam is because of the individuals who are in your hot tub – yes, they are the reason for your foaming water.

The swimming pool and hot tub service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa say that asking your guests to shower before they sink into the soothing depths for an evening of relaxation might be a good idea. If you tell them that showering off their hair sprays, body oils, deodorant, hair gel and will eliminate the possibility of foam in the hot tub, they will gladly agree. While some people feel they want to slather on moisturizer before they climb in, discourage them from doing that as the moisturizer will get washed off in the hot water and do them no good and it will also contribute to foam.

Your bathing suit could also be a culprit when it comes to causing hot tub foam. While you do want to use laundry soap at times, others you will want to wash the suit without the use of laundry soap to keep the hot tub from foaming up on you. Food and drinks that are dropped or spilled into it can also be other foam producing agents. Also, using cheap chemicals or even too many chemicals in your water when you’re cleaning it can add to the foaming problem.

Talk with your Menifee, California swimming pool service contractor about what other causes could contribute to foaming hot tub water and he will tell you that a dearth of total dissolved solids. While the chemicals that are added to your water to keep it bacteria-free, it can’t address the total dissolved solids – these are items such as dead skin, hair, body lotion, and more. If these solids rise to the surface of the water and get churned around in the air jet bubbles they will cause foaming.

If the water gets saturated with the total dissolved solids – a simple water testing can help you determine what the ratio of total dissolved solids are. When the water reaches the foam stage, your only option is to drain it, clean it thoroughly, and then refill it. Before your water even gets to the foaming stage, you will want to use the correct amount of chemicals and clean the filters often. Keeping up with service and maintenance can prevent foaming from occurring, but if it does, you will want to address the issue as soon as possible.