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ACC Pool contractors offer basic maintenance tips for pool owners. When you have a swimming pool you can hire a pool service contractor in Menifee, California to clean and maintain it for you, you can do it yourself or you can have a combination of being a do it yourselfer with pool maintenance and having a pool contractor do an occasional deep clean on your pool.

Even if you’re working with a swimming pool service contractor, it is important that you have a basic understanding of the inner workings of the pool, its equipment and the water chemistry. It may be necessary for you to troubleshoot issues with the pool and if you’re not sure what the pool equipment should do, or how it should operate, you won’t notice if something is off kilter.

Swimming pools and their equipment are complex. All of the pieces need to work together and be checked and maintained to ensure functionality. When the components and electrical devices are working properly you will save money on operating expenses in both electricity and chemical usage.

Basic maintenance tips for pool owners

  1. Automatic cleaner – this keeps the water clean without you having to perform manual labor
  2. Chemical floats – release the chemicals into the water through floating chemical devices. They let chemicals, such as chlorine, be dispersed consistently and slowly
  3. Pool filters – there are several kinds of filters you can use — sand, D.E. or cartridge. Each has a unique cleaning method and care routine.
  4. Filter system – filters the water throughout the pool and cleans it by removing debris. The pool pump drives the water through the filtering system, cleans it and pushes it back into the pool
  5. Pool pump – responsible for circulating the water throughout the pool and carriying the chemicals and distributing them
  6. Pump motor – the motor powers pump, circulates the water and is a piece of equipment your pool contractor checks on service visits
  7. Skimmer – the water circulates then passes through the skimmer boxes at the top edge of the pool, skimming the water from the surface
  8. Valves – the pool has myriad valves throughout it and they need to be checked, tightened and kept lubricated as they regulate the flow of water

You don’t have to be an expert on swimming pool equipment and components, you will need to hire a swimming pool contractor and equipment repair professional to keep track of these items for you. Many swimming pool owners keep a notebook of relevant pool information along with readings of the chemical testing so they can look back and see if there are trends, if they notice when the pool needed more (or fewer) chemicals and other relevant information.

Whether you’re going to care for your pool yourself or work with us, we can offer you a brief primer on pool care and pool best practices so you are certain you’re getting off on the right foot with caring for your family’s swimming pool. Give us a call today!