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Beat the summer blues in your backyard, A Clear Choice Pool & Spa Service explain

School will be out for summer in no time and with that comes the cry of “I’m bored!” If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you may not hear that as often, but even a swimming pool could lose its luster for your children if they are looking to you to entertain them throughout the summer months. What can you do to help your faamily beat the summer blues in your backyard? The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa Service in Menifee, California have tips to keep them entertained and out of the house!

Beat the summer blues in your backyard

Keeping your children active will help them beat the obesity epidemic that is sweeping across America. Spending time in a swimming pool is a fun way to “sneak” exercise into your children’s day without them grumbling because spending time in a pool is fun — not exercise!

  1. Relay races get the entire family involved. Set up teams, jump in the pool and race to the opposite end. You can add to the fun by switching up the type of swim strokes you do each lap. You can even paddle on a raft or add obstacles like having to swim over or under pool noodles or inner tubes on your way to the opposite end.
  2. Scavenger hunts in the pool involve tossing floating or sinking toys into the pool (make sure you keep track of what items and how many you’re tossing so you gather them up when the game is done). Diving for the items is fun and you can make it even more fun by awarding prizes for each item found or you can add to the challenge by saying “go find the sunken whale” for example and whomever finds it first, wins!
  3. Have a “wrestling match” with an inflatable toy! Sharks, alligators or other items are fun to float on and play with. Give each person who’s playing a time limit for the wrestling. Hand out points for creativity, amount of time the inflatable is kept underwater, etc.

When you own a swimming pool you don’t need to invest in expensive toys or equipment — pool noodles, inflatable toys and rafts will add to the fun as will in-pool basketball or volleyball games.

Safety always needs to be at the top of your mind when your children are in the swimming pool. This is especially true if you have a diving board or a slide. Make sure everyone knows the “rules of the pool” and when these can be used — it’s best to limit use when the pool is overly full and there is a party in full swing.

What are your favorite in-pool games that you play with your family? We’d love to know!