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Pool equipment every pool owner should have, A Clear Choice Pool contractors offer advice 

When you own a swimming pool it is a time of fun and frolicking for friends and family. Swimming pools also bring with them the responsibility of keeping everyone who uses it safe and keeping the swimming pool water clean and free of bacteria. Swimming pool owners who work with a swimming pool service contractor from A Clear Choice Pool service in Menifee, CA still understand there is pool equipment every pool owner should have on hand. Working with a swimming pool contractor means he will do the “heavy lifting” on pool maintenance and service, but you will want to take time between service visits to do simple and quick pool maintenance.

Pool equipment every pool owner should have

  • A water test kit. It’s important to test the pool water between service visits just to assure yourself that everything is in balance. A heavy rainstorm or a heavier than usual swimmer load or even letting your dogs swim with you can throw the water chemistry out of balance. Test the water and if it is not within normal levels, you can call for an additional pool service visit or you can “top the pool off” with chemicals if you understand what you’re doing.
  • Pool skimmer. If there is debris floating on the surface of the pool water you will want to scoop it away before it falls to the bottom of the pool. A skimmer is a piece of pool equipment you can purchase at your pool conractor’s showroom or perhaps even from him when he pays a service visit. A pool skimmer is a long pole with a net at the end. The net makes it easy to scoop debris from the water and throw it out. Skimming will likely take fewer than fifteen minutes, but should be done frequently — especially if you don’t use a swimming pool cover, if you’re not diligent in the use of the cover, or if it’s a windy day and leaves and twigs are falling into the water.
  • A pool vacuum. As with skimming, you may want to vacuum the pool between service visits. It is a task that takes longer than skimming because you will want to vacuum with slow, steady strokes to assure you’re not stirring up any dirt or debris that’s fallen into the water. Ask your pool contractor for advice on how to hook up the vacuum, when to vacuum and how often you need to do that between pool service visits.
  • A pool cover. This is a piece of equipment that should be considered a necessary piece of pool equipment rather than an accessory. Using a pool cover keeps water from evaporating as quickly. A pool cover will keep dirt and debris out of the water. A pool safety cover can keep pets and children from falling into the water. Being diligent in the use of a pool cover can also help save money on pool chemicals.

Ask us for tips and advice on keeping your swimming pool clean and the water clear and free of bacteria between service visits. You will also want to let us know if anyone who is using the swimming pool is being afflicted with red eyes or dry, itchy skin as that means we will want to adjust the pool chemical levels.

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to find a pool service contractor with whom you can work to keep your pool clean and clear all season long.