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Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Did the pool spring a leak? It’s rare for a pool to spring a leak, but it happens. More likely to happen though is for there to be a small, almost pinhole size leak that slowly drains the water. It’s rare that you will notice water gushing out of the pool. But if you aren’t sure if your water is evaporating or being splashed out as quickly as it seems to be, you will want to call the best pool service in Menifee, CA pool service pros to pay an inspection visit.

Evaporation could be the culprit. Water splashout could also be a culprit. But you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that the pool is leaking. You will want to address a possible leak as soon as you notice it because lowered water will impact water chemistry and the efficiency with which the pool equipment operates.

Did the pool spring a leak?

You can definitely give us a call and have us perform an inspection on the pool and check for leaks. You could also perform what we call “the bucket test.”

  1. Grab a bucket
  2. Fill it halfway with water
  3. Mark with a pen where the waterline is on the outside and inside of the bucket
  4. Set the bucket on the pool steps
  5. Turn off the pool pump
  6. Keep swimmers out for a day or two while you check for the leak
  7. Compare the level of the water in the pool with the water in the bucket and see if the levels are similar or vastly different between the two bodies of water.
  8. If water levels are similar, you are looking at evaporation as the culprit; if the level in the pool is vastly different, you need to contact your swimming pool builder so he can check for leaks.

Because of all the pool plumbing and depending on the material the pool is constructed from, you may find that leaks will happen, but most of them are easily addressed, as long as they are caught early.