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Ask any swimming pool owner and he or she will tell you, “Yes, you can care and maintain your swimming pool without hiring a swimmign pool service contractor… but why would you?” The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa Service in Menifee, CA and he will tell you you can, but you don’t want to make these swimming pool service mistakes because if you do you could be looking at a pool that is damaged or that is green with algae.

Don’t make these swimming pool service mistakes

  1. You don’t take the time to check the swimming pool chemical levels regularly. They need to be checked frequently — especially if the pool is used a lot, if you have a lot of people in the pool, if you don’t use a cover and if there is a rainfall. If you let the chemicals get out of balance it can quickly lead to algae growth.
  2. Don’t paying attention to the settings on the time clock on the pool pump. You need to make certain the pool pump is turning on and off when it’s supposed to. It makes financial sense to run the pump at night when the costs of electricity is lower, but this means you have to make sure the clock is set correctly.
  3. Not cleaning the pool skimmer baskets and the pool pump regularly. If you don’t clean the skimmer baskets and pool pump basket the water will be circulated through dirty filters and it will also cause the pump motor to work harder than it has to.
  4. Not noticing if there are any leaks on the pool or from the pool pump. If you have a leaking pool pump, the pool will lose water and cost you more. Also a leaking pool pump is an indicator of a bigger problem that might require the services of a pool contractor.
  5. Draining the pool. It is advised that you don’t drain the swimming pool unless a pool contractor has recommended and frankly, unless an experienced pool contractor is in attendance while the draining is occuring. If you drain your pool and don’t know what you’re doing you run the risk of damaging the shell, the plumbing, the electricity and other issues.

If you want to clean and service and maintain your swimming pool on your own, it might make sense to have an experienced pool service contractor give you a few lessons. You will also make sure you set aside devoted time to clean, maintain and assure your pool is at top operating condition at all times.