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Should you get an outdoor kitchen? Menifee, CA pool contractors answer

An outdoor kitchen is a luxury addition that helps you spend more time out of doors and less time in front of a stove and away from the fun and excitement that is happening poolside. Should you get an outdoor kitchen? The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pools in Menifee, California say it’s a personal decision, but there are steps you can take to help come up with an answer that fits your family and your lifestyle.

Should you get an outdoor kitchen?

  • How much additional space do you want to devote to your outdoor living? How much space do you have left in your backyard between the pool and the house and where the kitchen would be placed? There needs to be space between your house, the pool and the kitchen and the items you will have in the kitchen. Plot it out carefully.
  • Will your outdoor kitchen mirror the indoor kitchen? Do you need an oven out of doors if you have an oven indoors? Do you already have a stand alone grill? Will you get rid of that grill and get an outdoor kitchen stove with a built in grill? Will you need an outdoor refrigerator or will the one in your home suffice?
  • What are definite must-haves in your outdoor kitchen? Grill? Stovetop? Refrigerator? Eating and seating area? Countertop? Cupboards for dishes, silverware and utensils? Sink? Determine these items and know what your budget is when you meet with your pool contractor to begin the outdoor kitchen project.
  • Do you want the design of your outdoor kitchen to mirror your home or do you want the kitchen to be a completely separate entity?
  • Will the outdoor kitchen be where you want to prepare full meals for your summer parties? Will the outdoor kitchen be used more for prep and serving than full on cooking? Determine the number of hours you spend out of doors and how many you want to spend and make sure the kitchen you’re considering meets all of your needs.

Don’t forget to consider other amenities you may want to have as part of the kitchen project. If you’re entertaining poolside, do you want to have music? A television? Will you have a poolhouse as part of the project? Do you need to build an area to house the kitchen? Do you want a roof or other structure over the outdoor kitchen?

Jump online and look in magazines for inspiration for your outdoor kitchen project. Put your budget together and meet with your pool contractor to begin the process. Knowing what you can spend and hwo you want to use the space will help you pull together a project that will suit your needs now and into the future!