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If you live in California you probably feel that having a swimming pool is a must, right? Of course it is. Summers are long, warm and there is no better way to enjoy them than by swimming in your own backyard pool. If you have a pool and are new to pool ownership, have decided to care for your pool yourself or if you just want to know more about the pool service your contractor provides, the swimming pool service contractors at A Clear Choice Pool Service in Menifee, California offer easy pool maintenance steps no matter what stage you’re in.

Working with a swimming pool service contractor is the way many pool owners go because they want to simply enjoy the pool when they have free time. Even if you work with a pool service contractor it makes sense for you to understand basic apool maintenance. There are tasks that need to be completed regularly or the pool water can quickly become home to green, slimy algae.

Easy pool maintence tips

Here are easy pool maintenance steps you can do between pool service visits.

  1. Skim the pool water. Before you jump in the pool you will want to skim out debris and dead bugs. Grab your leaf skimmer and scoop up floating debris. Clean the pool skimmer basket regularly.
  2. Brush it. Use a brush specifically designed for your pool type – fiberglass, vinyl liner or gunite — and brush the pool walls and floor. When you brush it you’re loosening algae spores and dirt and it will be easier to vacuum it up.
  3. Clean debris from the pool pump basket. Turn the pump off before opening the basket, remove it and empty debris. Don’t make your pool work harder than it has to. Cleaning the filter basket will make it easier for the water to move through and clean debris.
  4. Vacuum. Ask us how to properly hook up the vacuum and use it. You can also invest in an automatic pool cleaner which you can just turn on and it will do the work for you.
  5. Check chemical levels. If the chemical levels are out of balance it will negatively impact the water quality and could also damage the pool itself. Invest in a water test kit and ask us how to interpret the readings. You can also bring a bucket of water to us and we will test it for you.

If you have questions or don’t have the time to perform pool maintenance, give us a call. Many swimming pool owners find it costs less money to hire a pool professional to keep up with pool maintenance than it does to do it themselves. Also, when you undertake your own pool maintenance you need to invest in all of the chemicals and find a safe place to store them.

Give us a call and we will come out and give you an estimate for pool cleaning. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to swim in your pool or work on your pool in your free time.