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Childhood obesity is on the rise and the reason for that is that many children spend their time indoors watching television or playing video games. If you have a swimming pool, though, we have some fun pool games for kids that you can play with them and you can help your kids get in shape without even knowing it!

The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool Care in Menifee, California understand that there is no better exercise than that you get int the swimming pool. Pool exercise is fun, not sweat inducing and your kids won’t even know they’re getting healthier — they will just know they’re having fun with mom and dad in the pool!

Fun pool games for kids

  1. Plan a scavenger hunt for the entire family. When you have an in-pool scavenger hunt everyone who plays will get a “lesson” in holding their breath — great for lung capacity. Diving to the bottom of the pool to grab the scavenger item will also encourage going underwater and swimming around until it’s picked up. You can invest in sinkable pool toys, toss them in and then whomever gets the most in the allotted time wins!
  2. Pool wrestling… with inflatable toys! Give your kids an inflatable crocodile, shark or other inflatable toy of their choice. Set a timer for the wrestling match and offer points for creativity, quickest “pin” and longest time held under water!
  3. Obstacle courses are fun and can be done in the swimming pool. Toss objects into the pool that they need to retrieve after they’ve swum over or under a pool noodle, scored a basket in your pool basketball set, hit a ball over the volley ball net and other items and obstacles you can dream up.

A game we remember from our childhood was one where we lined up around the edges of the pool then started moving quickly through the water to form a “whirlpool.” Depending on the people involved and the size of the pool you can work up a great whirlpool. Once the water is swirling, stop and swim into the whirlpool and enjoy the laughter and fun.

What is your favorite swimming pool game to play with your friends and family?