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The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool in Menifee, CA talk health

There are healthy reasons to get a swimming pool and they involve being able to have fun with friends and famiy all while getting healthy and fit. What could be better than that? The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool in Menifee, California understand there are many reasons why people decide to invest in a swimming pool and they also know that getting, or staying, healthy is right at the top of the list for many people.

The beauty of a swimming pool workout is that you can get in shape in a way that doesn’t put any stress or strain on your joints or muscles. Swimming is a great way for individuals who have led sedentary lifestyles to ease into exercise in a way that likely won’t cause them injury. Before you start any kind of workout routine, it’s best to talk with your doctor and make certain you’re healthy enough to do that.

The health benefits of a swimming pool cannot be denied though, as they explain here.

Healthy reasons to get a swimming pool

  • Weight loss: Weight loss, or simply keeping weight off is a very real benefit of swimming. Even if you’re fit and really have no need to lose weight, that’s no reason to shy away from a swim routine. Spending time swimming and eating a more balanced, healthy diet and living a healthier lifestyle goes a long way in keeping you healthy for a lifetime.
  • Swimming burns calories and increases your metabolism; this makes swimming is a great way to get in shape and helps shed pounds and keep them off.
  • Strengthen your muscles: Swimming will work nearly every muscle in your body. When you swim you’re using your arms, legs and stomach muscles. You’ll also notice that you have the resistance of the water working gently against you and may find that your muscles are fatigued once you are done. The best thing about a swimming pool workout is that you won’t injure yourself and won’t put strain on your joints like you would if you were jogging or doing other on-land exercises.
  • Low impact/high resistance exercise: Low impact exercise is recommended for those with ailments ranging from spinal problems, back pain sufferers, stomach issues, damaged joints or other musculoskeletal concerns. Even walking, for some individuals, can be damaging on the joints and is too painful. Swimming is a gentle way to work out and gain cardiovascular benefits without putting undue strain on the body. A swimming pool workout is also great for individuals who are recovering from an injury. The resistance of the water amps up the cardiovascular benefits you receive adding to the health benefits of a swimming pool workout routine.
  • Cardiovascular workout. Swimming strengthens your heart. Swimming also increases your lung capacity and that can be helpful as you age and if you suffer any lung illness such as pneumonia. Strengthening your heart muscles will help with circulation and overall health.

The benefits of having a swimming pool are myriad and if you work with a quality, experienced swimming pool service contractor to keep your swimming pool water clean, you’ll enjoy many aspects of your backyard pool! We truly can’t see any reason not to swim, can you? It’s also a perfect way to “sneak” in exercise for your children because they will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re getting in shape!